Our Activities
Arma Medical Foundation was established in 1983.
1. NGO Not for Profit registered under section 25 of companies ACT Govt of India.
2. Originator of “Healthy City Chennai” project of WHO for Chennai City. Duly approved by corporation of Chennai, recommended and forwarded by Govt of Tamil Nadu to Govt of India and duly approved by Govt of India and recommended by Govt of India. Reference No.M.11014/149/96-IH, Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,(Department of Health) dated 6.2.1992 to WR India WHO, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi.
3. Publication of “ARMA MEDICAL PRACTIONER” monthly registered Newspaper since 1984.
4. Out Reach Programmes : ARMA is well recognized known for its out reach programmes in healthcare awareness and screening, it's select places, locations where people assemble to for occasions like trade fair , exhibition, temple festivals etc.,. Normally ARMA Medical Foundation arrange Novell education methodologies with user friendly tools
a. Mannequin implanted with one side seliconized normal breast other side with the seliconized breast mimicking various types and stages of breast lesions supported by video presentation of self examination of breast.
This programme of ARMA own best performance award at various exhibits by Govt of Tamil Nadu.
b. Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Cardiac Evaluation with factors like obesity, lipid profile. Out reach programme will create interest for the visitors to enroll to evaluate themselves by answering questioners and subjecting themselves for some of the test and result for evaluation will create health awareness and motivate them to take care of themselves in future. Above ten thousand individuals screened and it was presented at international conference organized by Canadian Government ministry of health World Hyper tension League and WHO and NIH at vancour, Canada.
c. Our physical instructor along with physicians used to visit major centres like Marina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach, Corporation parks in Chennai cities for morning walks. ARMA survey revealed 80 percent of the walkers unaware of the importance of warm up and warm down and stretching exercises and who should to what exercises and who should not do some of the exercises inclusive of jacking, fast walking etc.,
5. Mimicking todays PPP ARMA is one of the originators and organizers in participating with govt of tamil nadu in preventive Health Care screening camps throughout tamil nadu since 1996(Varum mun kappom-Prevent before it comes).
6. Initiatives impressing Upon the Importance of Medical data : Presented a lead paper in international conference “Health Policy” “ETHICS & HUMAN VALUES NEW DELHI 1986” with the title Health for all by 2000 A.D.- Measures to Implement described importance of Medical data in India.
7. Evaluation of Social and Economic Impact of Noon meal schemes of Government of Tamil Nadu of the Bop below poverty line.
8. ARMA and NIE (National Institute of Epidemiology) of ICMR, screening of industrial workers for life style diseases and follow for five years and published in industry journals.
9. Medical based Management: ARMA organized a National conference on medical based management in association with ministry of health Govt of India, WHO , ministry of health Govt of Tamil Nadu, National and State pollution control boards on 23& 24th August 1996 at Chennai. This conference acted was catalyst for the present Govt of India act on medial base management.
10. Knowledge imparting and skill upgrading programmes with National experts for General medical practioners on plague, dengue,laptospirosis during the epidemic at the national levels.
11. Accident reduction Programmer – 1994 for Madras(then Chennai) along with Transport Advisory Forums and Madras City Traffic Police.
12. Co-originator for the proposals by the Metro water and sewage board for financial and technical assistants from bilateral funding from Japan.
13. Active participant and Panel Head on the UN (United Nation) programmes of sustainable city project of Chennai by Chennai metropolitan development authority 1996-2001.
14. Association with WHO and world Hyper Tension League.
15. Hosted the regional office of WRF(World Rehabilitation Fund)from New York and Chairman of AMF(ARMA MEDICAL FOUNDATION) Dr.M.Arulpitchai Narayanan was the assistant regional Director for India.
16. Co-ordinator for Tamil Nadu for two programmes of world bank in association with Dr.K.K.Datta, Calcutta.
17. Skill upgrading work shop for laboratory technicians in collaboration with Cabot institute, New Found land, Canada with Tamil Nadu and Kerala state governments for consecutive five years.
18. Special Training Programmes for laboratory technicians for diagnose of malaria in partnership with Director of Public Health, Govt of Tamil Nadu, and Malaria Wing CGHS Govt of India.
19. On going deliberations on “Health Care Policy of India: Health Care in India -Quality, Accessibility and Affordability with consumer driven health care. Special emphasis is being given gain the political will and infrastructure status for health in india.
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