India is the largest democracy, and the second most populous country, and is considered to be a global power to be reckoned with. India is a country with diversified by multi faceted social, geographical and economical macro and micro factors intricately weaved into one.

Underprivileged and marginalized societies by caste, religion ethnicity, poverty, illiteracy and language are the major macro and micro social and political issues in India. Demand and advocacy for the underprivileged and marginalized is the major political issue for the politicians in India.

There is a potential definite threat for the majority of the population of India, by without caste, creed, religion, language barrier to become underprivileged and marginalized by their non affordability and inability to avail the cost of quality health care. Disease which causes morbidity and mortality does not have any reservation policy on the population and it is universal and it is prone to affect any Indian. Hence, every Indian and all Indian must get united for the affordable and quality health care in India within his individual means.

Health care delivery in India is facing its own challenges both by the service providers and beneficiaries. Health is a state subject but most of the factors which decides the availability, affordability and quality of Health for any Indian are under the ambit of Government of India.

In USA when it faced its recent Presidential Election, Health care was the major social, economic and political issue. China has already arrived a road map and proceeding ahead since 2009.

India needs political will, supported by Bureaucratic system and Judicial system with the principles of liberalized economy to have its plan of action for affordable and quality consumer driven health care for each and every Indian.

Any Government is obliged to make available a reasonable quality health care to its population and have access to it. Therefore Health care delivery to all Indian is required to be weaved into the political agenda.

There are various factors with direct and indirect impact on health care cost influencing the affordability and quality of health care. Every stakeholder of the society directly or indirectly linked with health care delivery system, has a role to play. As on today secondary and tertiary Health care is non-affordable and also not available to the large chunk of the population in India- more specifically for the rural population.

ARMA Medical Foundation proposes to initiate a meet of coalition of various stalk holders, to strengthen and gain the political will. As a first step of this effort, an assembly of stake holders to have an open forum for brainstorming to take forward this thought as an Coalition is being organized.


“HEALTH CARE POLICY HELD” ON THE SATURDAY‚ 4TH JULY 2009 AT TAJ MOUNT ROAD HOTEL, CHENNAI 600 002. The summit was chaired and co-ordinated by Dr.M.Arulpitchi Narayanan, M.S

Sl.No. Name & Designation Contat No. & Address Suggestions
1 Dr.Major D.Raja,
Formerly Vice Chanceellor, Dr.M.G.R.Medical University,
325/127 T.T.K.Road,
Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018
To continue the same spirit in future.
2 Mr.S.Rajaratnam
Tax Consultant.
12, 3rd Street, Poes Road,
Chennai 600 018.
E mail:srajaratnam@vsnl.com
3 Justice R.Paranjothi
District Judge,
General Secretary Tamilnadu & All India Judges Association Tamilnadu Judicial Service District Judge
No.6 Ram Colony,
Wst Mambalam,
Chennai 600 033
Good start
4 Prof.S.K.Rajan Mobile No.9841078470
Email id: draskrajan@yahoo.com
5 Prof.Suresh Kuppuswamy Prof & Head Dept. of Architecture,
SAP, Anna University,
Chennai 600 025.
Incentives for health care facilities to be comprehensively worked out.
6 Prof.G.Kumaramanickavel Medical Geneticist and Scientist
Advisor Research Narayana Nethralaya,
Aditya Jyot Hospital, Mumbai
Fows and emphasis on Medical Research and Genetic Predictive Diagnosis.
7 Formerly G.M. .I.D.B.I and SIDBI. Setting up separate fund.
8 Dr.V.Satheesh Medical Administrator
Life Line Hospital,
Perugudi, Chennai600 096.
Very useful discussions. Request of contact details of all delegates.
9 Dr.S.Balasubramaniam Medical Superintendent
Life Line Hospital, Perungudi,
Chennai 600 096.
Mobile No.9840940272
No representation from Medical Insurance Company. Probably in the future meetings they may be invited.
10 Dr.B.Cheran Doctor turned Advocate.
Pediatrician/Ophthalmic Surgeon, Medical
Consultant/Health Management Consultant
This process should be a continuous process.
11 Dr.M.Balasubramanian Member, Tamil Nadu Medical Council and Chairman, IMA Head quarters, Action Committee
Cell No.944407046
To form a forum and continue to discuss.
12 Dr.S.Ramachandran School of Economics, University of Madras, Chennai 600 005 Stress on Health Economics.
13 Dr.Hamsadvani Kuganathan Student-LSHTM Health Policy, Planning and Financing Looking forward to more discussions.
14 Dr.L.Murugan, Cell No.9884100910
15 Dr.P.Kuganathan City Health Officer
Email id: drjugan@uahoo.com
16 S.Sridharan Chief Entomologist, Directorate of Public Health, Chennai Good arrangement Wide range of experts
17 Mr.James Daniel Paul United Nations Industrial Development E mail: jamespdaniel@gmail.com Form a health policy Research Institute. Scale your/private sector support.
18 T.Ilango Registrar,Tamilnadu Pharmacy Council, Block-E,1st Floor, Bharathiyar Complex, 100 feet innerring road, Vadapalani, Chennai 600 026. E mail: ilanherb@gmail.com Cell No.9444011069/9677101309 Consolidate the forum and work for the finalizing certain norms to reduce the health care cost.
19 G.Palani Hon. Secretary,
Indian Pharmacists Association,
24, Noorveerasamy Iyer Lane, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034.
Cell No.9840575168
The forum is started for good courage, social courage. This has to be joined in correlate with good sectors. In Health Department for test track action.
20 M/s.Muthukumar Associates,
Chartered Accountants,
AH 16, 7th Main Road, Anna Nagar,
Chennai 600 040.
Email: mkumarassociates@gmail.com
Various ways to reduce the cost of providing quality health care is to be looked into
21 Mr.M.Elango Asst.Prof.Dept. of Architecture, SAP, Anna University, Chennai 600 025.
E mai:m_elango73@yahoo.co.in
Hospitals should rethink on the type of practice and need for the facilities for the same which can reduce the capital cost. cost.
22 Mr.S.Sankar Asst.Professor, Department of Environment Health, Sri Ramachandra University Chennai Great contradictions and must be translated elaborately to stakeholders.
23 Mr.C.R.Shanumugam Senior Deputy Manager(Admn) Chairman’s Office, Transport Department, Secretariat, Chennai-9 Ph:25672473 24612606®
Mobile :93833 66627
In circulate safety arrangements from the tender age. Spread arrangements among the unorganized section
24 Mr.V.Lavakumar and Mr.N.Venkatesh Indian Pharmaceutical Association 3/2 Sri Lakshmi Flats, Sivasankaran Street, Zameen Pallavaram, Chennai
Cell No.9787448125
Email: lavanyalavakumar@gmail.com
25 Mr.V.Somanathan, Asst.Director(Retd) Office of AASI,
Chennai 600 006
26 A.Arumugam, Advocate Cell No.9444038895
E mail:aaamugam2001@yahoo.co.in
Care of health take care of you
27 Mr.M.Velmurugan Secretary, Madras High Court Advocates Association. E mail:veladvt@rediffmail.com NIL
28 Mrs.Girija Velmurgan Advocate E mail:giriaadv@yahoo.co.in NIL

Significant Decisions of the initial Meeting held at Chennai on 4th July 2009.
Dr.M.Arulpitchai Narayanan, M.S, - Arma Medical Foundation shall be the Founder and Co-ordinator .

1. The National Level coalition of Stakeholders to gain and strengthen the Political will for achieving Health for All shall be formed to have a consumer driven health care Policy for India. It will conduct brainstorming sessions on various topics under the various sub-committees of various subjects on the National Level. It will be indentifying and inviting individuals and organizations to associate in various capacities to achieve the object. It will be a sustained effort to gain the Political Will. Working group will be formed in layers and sub-committees will be formed and various factors which have impact on the cost and expenses of health care. While considering Health care Policy for India, the experiences of U.S.A, Canada, U.K, German, Singapore and China will also be kept in mind to design for Indian conditions.

2. It will be focusing to gain the Political will to achieve the Social Infrastructure status for Health Care.

3. It will be taking up with Government of India to create a separate Tribunal to handle Medical negligence .

4.All the programs whether it is of Government or Private should be subjected for assessment of Health impact along with existing Financial Audit and Environmental clearance and impact.

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